Cynthia Yue

About Me

I’m a UX Designer with a background in digital marketing.

My professional background
I started my career as a digital marketer in the SF Bay Area. This gave me the opportunity to work directly with designers, engineers and business stakeholders. I enjoyed leveraging quantitative data to improve my campaigns and running experiments to help reach my goals. Having the ability to iteratively improve upon my digital strategies got me interested in the UX field.

Why UX?
I enjoy learning about different audiences and how they interact with products. I have a BA in Anthropology and have always found the topic of human behavior fascinating. Digital Marketing gave me the opportunity to learn about people through web metrics, A/B testing, engagement data, etc. This allowed me to understand HOW people interact with products, but not WHY. Ultimately, I wanted to better understand my audiences, so I can make bigger contributions, which UX allows me to do.

The transition
To hone my design skills, I started working on a Certificate in Visual Media Design at the City College of San Francisco while maintaining a full-time job. In 2017, I took the leap and enrolled in a full-time Masters program at Cornell University where I was able to refine my design thinking process while learning how to code.

Fun facts
When I’m not designing, you’ll likely find me in the kitchen creating variations of my favorite dishes. I also enjoy scavenging through flea markets and thrift stores. Lastly, I have TWO ADORABLE PARROTS!